Kate Banazi was born in London and studied at Central St Martins. 
She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Concentrating on the art of silk screen printing, she has worked from an art based practice through to fashion, music, illustration and advertising utilising a multidisciplinary practice to explore, light, colour and graphic motifs. 
Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and linear elements a key reference. Repetition and ritual, science and colour theory hold great interest and are often referenced in her work with elements exploring heritage and familial ties.

She celebrates the subtle variations of serigraph printing, exploring the layering of colour and graphic elements alongside linear grid structures and hand drawn forms.

Her current work celebrates relationships, identity, movement, shadows and colour, interlocking shapes held together lightly but ready to fall apart. Negative space and line work map chaos, voids and then beauty - a reflection of every day life in all its unpredictable glory.  By exploring the ideas of embracing the flaws in the screen - the silkscreens are un-retouched, pinholes and marks which normally would be repaired, are accepted and celebrated, contrary to the idea of silkscreen printing as a facsimile process.

She has exhibited in group and solo shows Internationally and her work is collected and commissioned by private, public and corporate collectors.

Photography © Jacqui Turk and Fiona Susanto


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