These pieces reference my exploration and research into the engagement and overlap of colour. Reflections of thrown colour move with light throughout the day and adjust the perceived shapes of the pieces.  Opacity and translucency, rhythm and movement coexist with our interlocking and repeating relationships, joined, fragile, sometimes jarring often complimentary.
 Invited by Berlei across 2017 and 2018 for their special Artist editions to celebrate their centenary, I designed four prints for their sports support bras along the themes of strength, renewal and energy.
 Gargalesis (The Heavy Tickle).  An ongoing series of hand-pulled silkscreen prints disassembled and reassembled into three dimensional forms evoking the spontaneity and joy of the hard tickle.  After the sudden death of one of my oldest friends, a while later I wanted to acknowledge my grief and remember the joy of having him as part of my life for so long. The music, the dancing, the laughter and the little ball of furious love I hold tight.  The chaos and playfulness of friendship is underpinned by shadows cast that change, grow and retreat through day to the night. Artificial light can enhance them, fix them at a certain point or bleach them out entirely but they will always remain, potentially let loose by a shaft of sunlight, never wholly controllable.  Shown with Curatorial&Co  Currrently on display in the Qantas Melbourne Business class lounge.
 Dichroic film applied to repurposed perxpex.  Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2018 as part of  Local Design  .  Colours are thrown dependent on the light source and intensity. They are constantly moving and changing so observers never see the same refraction or colour shadow.
 Silkscreen elements overlaid digitally and manipulated for textured art prints.
 City Creep - Silkscreen collage
 The UMBRA collaboration with Industrial design studio  RYE design.   Utilising lasercut repurposed perspex shapes, silkscreened and reconfigured, to create a wall light with an external back light.  Shown at Milan Design Week 2017 as part of the  LocalDesign  Group.  Photographed by  Fiona Susanto