Invitation by Kate Banazi

For those of you that are in Sydney, for one night only of the 23rd of June, 6-8pm, I will be showing with Chico Cristabal and Kylie Walsh at the Kit and Ace showroom in Surry Hills. Come and see us all!

As there will be food and drink involved (always a good thing), please rsvp directly to Kit and Ace at

See you there!


Local Design Milan by Kate Banazi

As part of Milan Design Week, showing at the beautiful Teatro Arsenal curated by Emma Elizabeth and Tom Fereday of Local Design, Sydney, I participated in the group showing of twelve Australian designer/artists. My interlocking perspex piece sat alongside the beautiful works of the two curators as well as Shilo Engelbrecht, Frag Woodall, Alex Fitzpatrick, DAAST, Coco Reynolds, Toby Jones, Rachel Vosila, Andrew Thompson and Ton Skeehan.

The piece I created is based upon a childhood game I had, scaled up to an adult size and titled 'The Games We Play'. It can be assembled and reassembled in different configurations and references relationships and the shadows that are cast by the silkscreen print which change throughout the day and light source direction.

Photos © Fiona Susanto and Kate Banazi


Kit and Ace, Surry Hills, Sydney by Kate Banazi

Yesterday we installed at Kit and Ace in Surry Hills as part of their 'Artists' Wall' programme. I'm pleased to have been chosen as their local artist that they will promote for the next three months. A celebratory evening is planned in the space in June along with the work of another two local artists.

All pieces are available for purchase, please contact me directly.

Find them at  Kit and Ace, Shop 2 276 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills 2010, Wednesday - Sunday. Shop opening hours and directions are here.